Paper, Paper, Paper| Coordinating Colors

I love, love, love paper.  I always have.  [I have a problem I know.]  I love getting a new notebook to write notes in.  I love the feeling of a fresh piece of card stock right out of the package.  I love feeling the smoothness of it.  For me it is like a new day, it is a brand new canvas for me to make my creations with.

When I get a paper order in from Fun Stampers Journey, I am over the moon.  I love the smell of it.  [LOL]  And I love to hoard pretty patterns. [Yes, you guessed it, I often order one pack to use and keep the other just to look at].

So if you are a paper lover like me, you are going to love the printed papers and card stock that Fun Stampers Journey has to offer.

Not only do I love the quality of our Fun Stampers Journey card stock but I also love the patterns on our printed paper.  And everything coordinates!!!!  I love that.

Here is a video for you taking a closer look at each of the Printed Paper Pack that Fun Stampers Journey has to offer.

And because I love ya and want you to spend more time bringing paper to life than trying to figure out which color card stock goes with which pattern paper, here is a special resource for you.

2018 2019 Coordinated Card Stock and Printed Paper_Page_1

2018 2019 Coordinated Card Stock and Printed Paper_Page_2

Check this out!!  Here is a printable PDF(2018 2019 Coordinated Card Stock and Printed Paper ) that shows you what card stock coordinates with each of our Pattern Paper collections.  I know pretty awesome!!!

May all your handmade creations be Inked with Kindness, Stamped with Love.

Happy crafting my fellow paper lovers!!





Author: inkedwithkindness

I am so excited to share my love for crafting with you! Whether you enjoy creating a handmade card, scrapbook page, working with mixed media or making fun craft projects, I can show you how to enhance your creations. You will learn how to apply new techniques and product to your projects. Being a Fun Stampers Journey Coach allows me to share my passion for crafting with others.

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